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Hi, we are Max AND Desy

Hi, we are Max & Desy, we are two photographers. We are Viù, that is a mood, a sharing of details, a brand, a super team, a beautiful friendship, two crazy people who care about your stories.. Viù is this and many other things, because when you choose us, you choose to be part of our strange and special world, made of old wood and good music.

let us tell your story, keep an eye on our work

massimiliano baj

I’m Max, an yamadori hunter, who loves getting lost in the woods among the scent of moss and ferns or rushing at full speed on my skate after the rain. I live projected in the 50s, I have a passion from an early age for vintage and ufology, in fact I lose myself both in the details and in the stars. I'm a guitarist that play blues, swing and rockabilly.

desiree maffezzoni

I’m Desy, a wild girl, with a vintage soul, I drive an old latte-menta colored cinquino called "Mia", always with good vintage music! I have a passion for details and little things.. I like to get lost in nature with bare feet, observing animals and insects, returning home with my pockets full of pieces of wood that I use in my plants terrarium.

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