An engagement photo shoot, also known as a pre-wedding photo shoot, is a special day for couples who are planning to get married, it is all about having fun and creating beautiful memories. It's a great way to get to know each other and to relax in front of the camera before the big day arrives, treating yourself to spontaneous, cinematic photos with a vintage flavor.


Run with me into the wild
You know those wild American movie scenes? Here, with these two lovers we ended up straight into a film, when the lights go down behind the mountains and the beauty of the mountains stands out thanks to the only serpentine road..

Julie & Gabriel

France - Echoes in the wind
We stole a few shots of these two French guys in France, in the beautiful region
of the Cévennes, between wild mountains and valleys. They were so beautiful in their simplicity, with their warm woolen sweaters..

Max & Anabel

Tenerife - Hearts of the desert
Do you know paradise? Well, here in Tenerife, in the Teide desert, we followed Max and Anabel on one of the trips they love to do together on their motorbike. Two bikers with incredible charm, they live like in a film, a beautiful one full of adventures..

Stella & Eric

Those stolen smiles
It was a hot late summer afternoon, Stella and Eric arrived with their lovely red roaring Cinquino, wearing their most beautiful smile. They took a walk in the woods talking about their dreams and their most beautiful projects..

Martina & Davide

Like frames from a film
Two lovers with a very sweet heart, we got to know them better during the pre- wedding, we chose a charming place where their love, in harmony with nature, was not disturbed by anyone. It was a late summer afternoon..

Ambra & Gianluca

Wrapped in the quiet of woods
The woods were dormant, nature still very sleepy and peace surrounded us, we could only hear the sound of the river, and with typical winter color contrasts we photographed these two guys, everything was perfectly in tune with the context..

Federica & Luca

Folk lovers and timeless colors
We believe that the photos speak for themselves, two boys with a rare sweetness, which shines through in all eyes. They were wrapped up in their soft green, yellow, brown, beige sweaters and we followed them on their walk beside the river..

Tiziana & Mario

Say you'll be mine
This shooting was dedicated to light-heartedness and dynamism, with movement and smiles! Tiziana and Mario walked, danced, stumbled and laughed because of this naturalness, as in an early autumn walk, when the air gets fresh but the sun is still warm..

Francesca & Joris

Let's catch the sunset
Do you know how we nicknamed them? "The jumping bride and groom", yes, because it wasn't our idea, but they confessed to us that it's a special thing they do on their travels, and when they asked us if they could jump..

Corinne & Marjan

Smiling eyes
Two city folk guys. We were in the beautiful historic city of Saluzzo, among the red bricks, hunting for the most suggestive alleys, Corinne's jacket and blond hair stood out together with her smile and Marjan seemed to come out of an Italian-American film..

Martina & Matteo

Fun on snow with the sweet Lea
Two very sweet Ligurian lovers with a passion for the mountain have decided to get married in Piedmont, in the Alps, and we got to know them better during the pre-wedding. It was an afternoon full of fun with their sweet Lea..

marisa & davide

By the sea, in love forevermore
The vintage-loving couple strolled along the shore, enjoying the stunning colors of the sea at dusk. As the golden hour approached, the man dropped to one knee, presenting a ring..


A loving couple with their furry friend
We had the honor of capturing their beautiful love, including their beloved furry friend who made their sweet and happy shots even more endearing. We have spent a carefree afternoon bathed in the warm glow of a stunning light..


Amidst lush vegetation
We had a fantastic time in the company of this amazing, kind, and lovely couple. We captured countless photographs as we ventured deep into lush greenery, surrounded by verdant foliage and soft, inviting moss..

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