Small frames of happiness with a touch of vintage flavor

Early autumn days, when green and orange blend into beautiful shades of ochre yellow..

elena, fabio & pietro

These guys were one of our newlyweds a few years ago and when they called us to do a family photo shoot, well we were delighted, meeting them during the pre-wedding, following them during their special day and then photographing them with their sweet little Pietro.. You can imagine how his soft cheeks conquered us! We were in the first days of autumn, when green and orange begin to mix, creating beautiful ocher yellow shades that matched perfectly with Pietro's little dungarees and with father Fabio's jacket! And how cute were those red stockings with the hot air balloon? To be honest, Pietro didn't keep them long and showed us his soft feet.. and how he laughed among the red leaves! In short, small frames of happiness with a vintage flavour..

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