During the Christmas season, amidst cuddles and plenty of vintage gifts

A woodland stroll with affectionate kisses and spontaneous smiles..

manuela, max & christian

But what a gorgeous blond did our newlyweds do? That smile won us over right away, the little Christian had a lot of fun playing with the football glove and even gave it a bite, who knows if it wasn't good. He must have thought, “when in doubt .. let's get our teeth”! This is exactly how he spent time with them, between spontaneous moments, cuddles and reading a cute book about animals. Our favorite shot at home? Christian's loving gaze at his beautiful mum in the mirror, and he smiled as if to say, "Did you see mum how beautiful you made me?”. We then strolled together in the nearby woods and a yellow and green teddy bear appeared out of nowhere…damn how high he was on his daddy's shoulders! We will never stop saying how happy it makes us to see you grow together and realize you, and we are truly grateful to be witnesses of all this..

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