Jumps, popsicles, Spritz and a thousand laughs with friends

they toasted, ran, and laughed like crazy.. there's nothing more beautiful..

nadia & simone

The keywords of this fantastic wedding? Jumps, popsicles and Spritz! A joyful and colorful wedding, full of friends and playful and lively moments, just like Nadia and Davide are. Do you want to know what they did special when they left the church? They gave everyone popsicles! Now that's an idea for a summer wedding! They have chosen to do a part of the photo shoot with their closest friends and now they have some special shots while they toast with them with colored spritzes, and with the beautiful volkswagen that fits perfectly with Nadia's bohemian dress. They jumped, ran and laughed like crazy! Even in the romantic shots in the middle of the wheat Nadia has never lost her contagious smile, and there is nothing more beautiful, because there is nothing more satisfying for us than capturing frames of such happiness!

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